Yamakanoyu started off as a post town on the former Hida Passage of Takayama from Kiso Fukushima during the Meiji Period.
At the time, it was prosperous as a place for women workers and merchants to stay on their way to their hometowns.
Currently, many visitors come here to tour the post towns on the Nakasendo route, to see the famous Kiso Horses and to enjoy the great-tasting Kaida soba noodles.
Enjoy your stay with relaxing hot springs, cuisine which takes full advantage of local Kiso ingredients and warm hospitality from the staff.



Name Yamakanoyu
Address 3109-1 Kaida Kogen Nishino, Kiso-machi, Kiso-gun, Nagano 〒397-0302
TEL/FAX 0264-44-2010 /0264-44-2300
Check-in/Check-out times 15:00~/~10:00


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The natural Nishino Hot Springs are well known for being a simple hot spring which is effective in making your skin silky smooth.

■Semi-outdoor Hot Spring for Rental

The semi-outdoor hot spring which lets you experience all of Kaida’s seasons is available for rental.
Relax in a tub with overflowing amounts of hot spring water.
Enjoy the distant mountains in the afternoon and the gorgeous starlit sky at night with that someone special.

■Wooden bathtubs

The large wooden bathtubs allow you to relax amidst the faint aroma of the woodlands. These baths are available 24 hours a day. Start your day off here to relax your mind and body for the exciting day ahead.

■Natural Kaida water

Barley tea made with underflow water from Mt. Ontake along with Mt. Ontake water is available after your bath in the After Bath Lounge. Quench your thirst after the hot spring and enjoy your time leisurely with an activity such as reading.

■Nishino Hot Springs

Water source Nishino Hot Spring
Spring temperature 13.5℃
Hot spring type Simple hot spring (heated, circulation type)

■Guest rooms

The guest rooms are 16.5m2 Japanese style tatami rooms which allow for maximum relaxation.
The grandiose Mt. Ontake is visible from the all guest rooms.
Each guest room has a sunken kotatsu table next to the window so you can stretch your legs out and relax.


The dining hall gives off the warm sensation of the woodlands and the sunken kotatsu tables allow you to stretch out your legs.
A refreshing sunlight fills the dining hall through the paper sliding doors in the morning.
In the evening, enjoy tasty cuisine amidst the dimly lit lights.


After dining, make plans for tomorrow with that someone special in the lounge. The lounge is also a great place to enjoy the peacefulness of Kaida alone. Smoking is available in the lounge.

■Gift Shop

This gift shop offers select specialty items from Kiso and Kaida. Some recommendations include chopsticks made from Kiso white cedar and the highly sweet gaufrette cookies which utilize the local ingredients.


Facilities 16.5㎡ Japanese tatami rooms (8 rooms in total), Dining Hall, Lounge, After Bath Lounge (free water and barley tea), Gift Shop, Semi-open Air Hot Spring for rental, indoor hot springs (men’s and women’s) and a parking lot
Room furnishings Air conditioner, bathtubs, toilet, TV and refrigerator
Amenities Towel sets, yukata robes, toothbrush kits, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, bar soap, combs, razors, dryers, shower caps, swabs

Our high quality main dinner dishes include Kiso Beef which is a famous brand of veal. For sides, we offer Handmade Kaida Soba Noodles made with buckwheat flour grown on the highlands of Kaida which features harsh temperature differences optimal for growing buckwheat as well as groundwater from Mt. Ontake.
One of our famous main dishes is the Grilled Shinshu Beef with Hoba Miso which is grilled right in front of you. We also offer a selection of local sakes such as Iwana no Kotsuzake made with char (type of trout) bones and Nakanorisan.
Fully enjoy the natural flavors of Kiso and Kaida.


Highland vegetables develop a higher level of sweetness due to being grown in an area where there is a harsh temperature difference between morning and night. The Bamboo Steamer Highland Vegetables steamed right in front of your eyes brings out the sweetness of these vegetables for breakfast.



◆By train

●Tokyo⇒Kiso Fukushima Shinjuku→(Chuo Main Line) →Via Shiojiri/Approx. 3 hours and 10 minutes
Ueno→(Nagano bullet train) →Via Nagano/Approx. 3 hours and 25 minutes
Tokyo→(Shinkansen) →Via Nagoya/Approx. 3 hours and 10 minutes
●Nagano⇒Kiso Fukushima Shinonoi Line・Chuo West Line・Express/Approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes
●Osaka⇒Kiso Fukushima Shinkansen Via Nagoya/Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes
●Nagoya⇒Kiso Fukushima Chuo West Line Express/Approx. 1 hour and 25 minutes
●Kiso Fukushima⇒Yamakanoyu Bus bound for Kaida Kogen/Approx. 1 hour (get off at Yamaka Ryokan-mae,¥200)